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This blog is becoming a strange mix of languages, for sure you'll find what fits you the most (I hope so!). 
These days have been a little bit crazy -no clue on it- and it has been really difficult to get organized to get some work done. I start something and I finish making something completely different. 
Yesterday I spent lots of time in the basement opening and closing boxes gathering some useful goods for one of my best friend who's expecting her first child. It was nice, all those early motherhood memories of recent (but distant) past all packed in those boxes!. 

This is me, yesterday: 

My messy table. The initial plan was to finish the doll carriers but, I don't know why, I started cutting new shorts for Emma... 

Instead of Emma's shorts, I used the trims from shorts cutting for headbands... sewing paths are mysterious... 

The most decent picture I got from Emma

oh, this picture came to my mind, she sits like this since ever! : ))

The headbands... you find them here. 

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  1. sei una vera fucina di idee! peccato che io abbia solo due maschietti...altrimenti farei un salto nel tuo etsy shop.
    buon lavoro

    1. Ciao Robi, ma ho cose per maschietti!
      Tutti i pantaloni sono unisex e ogni tanto viene fuori qualcos'altro : )
      Clicca qui:

  2. certo che so che fai cose da piccoli ometti! sbircio spesso nel tuo shop e prima o poi ci scapperà l'acquisto! buon lavoro. roberta robedellarobi

  3. detto fatto! aspetto con trepidazione il tuo bavaglino!


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