Grembiuli scuola (materna, ecc.) - Hello school!

It's been a while, guys!
Summer here in Italy is long and hot (very hot for my very own taste).
School starts late (for my very own taste) and once you are in the school mode it becomes all the same flat exhausting day routine and time gets short and shorter. We are actually craving for Christmas here haha...
Here in Italy preschool kids and some at elementary school are requested to wear a sort of robe while being at school. They call it "grembiule" what means "apron", but they are not exactly an apron or so, for me it looks more like a sort of robe. The main purpose (I guess) is to protect kids clothing from dirt while working on activities at school, this garment also allows to identify classes or kids ages.

My very own preschoolar never had one of these "gremiule", her school is one "grembiule-less".
You find lots of these garments everywhere. From road markets to supermarkets and even has them.
I got surprised when a client of mine requested a couple of these for her girl.

I don't have experience on this field and I find faster and easier to grab one somewhere else since you'll obviously need more than one and as my kid's feet grows wildly all year long, so does her whole body, it means she won't end a whole school year wearing the same "grembiule" size.
Also because the price-work required for a "gremiule" is not fair. You find them really cheap at a supermarket and while costructing one of these things, you know it's not exactly a piece of cake. These "grembiule" have: collar, buttons, pockets, plackets, sleeves, cuffs, etc, etc. We are constructing a serious thing here!. We are not talking a one hour project, at least not for me.

I was tempted about this request because there was freedom. No colors or specific style. They are usually in gingham pink for girls and gingham blue for boys, or all black with a white collar for elementary school. Click here to see them.
It's funny because Italy brings to your mind style and fashion but these robes for kids are ugly, don't you think?. Really ugly. I was a uniform girl during my student days and even if studying in Mexico, I have to say my uniform was much more stylish and pretty. Mine was a navy pinafore, very classic, a plain body and a skirt with 2 pleats on the front and 2 on the back, white shirt short sleeve and a nice peter pan collar. We used to wear a blue cardigan too, high up to knees white socks and black shoes (rubber soles).

So... I started with some sketches:

Here they are, the ones I made:

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  1. Hello Diana,

    I am very impressed with this nice blog post about school wear. It makes me think of my school uniform when I was in primary and secondary school. But unlike gremiule, ours are more standardised in SS and AW season and the style is very strict. Shirts and trousers for boys and midi dress / pinafore for girls are a must, with cardigan, blazer or coat for cold season.

    Can I wear anything I like underneath the gremiule? I saw the google page and notice that boys wear jeans and girls treat gremiule as a dress or wear trousers.

    It is my first time to see gremiule. Very interesting! There is no such clothes for schools here. Nice to walk down the school memory lane while reading your post.


    1. Hi Gary, kids wear their regular clothing under this "grembiule", there isn't uniforms in Italy so usually they wear what they wear everyday at home and just put on the "grembiule" when they are at school :)


  2. I love what you created! My daughter starts school in September is do you have a pattern for what you made?


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