mamma.190 around the world

This is a very special post.
This morning I want to share with you some very special images.
When I started to make what I make and sharing it on Etsy, I didn't realized how touching it could be. I have to say it has been very grateful and beautiful experience. There have been some little inconveniences, as everything in life (what kind of life would it be with out inconveniences??).

My work starts from small things that touches me: a picture (the most), a piece of fabric, a book; Emma's playing, eating, walking, sleeping... and it thrills me the most to see that I've been able to share all these things with others and they share them with me. I'm very grateful!

mamma.190 is still very young, toddler age I think, hope it will grow day after day thanks to you.

Here they are, a bunch of little happy people enjoying life along with mamma.190 : )

Thank you for sharing with me these pieces of life!

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