It's been a long winter!

It's fun when people can't wait for Christmas but immediately all the Christmas/New Year hustle bustle ends you feel like you need spring immediately. WINTER starts just 2 days before Christmas and it last 3 months (or more, Milan may have long humid winters and you see spring blowing by the end of May!).
For us winter means cold - humid - dark days with some bright sunny days in between (very rare but they happen sometimes). Cold humid dark days sound not bad if you can get a dry place and sew all day long haha... it doesn't happen at my place though : P
Our winter has been full of fever, flu, stomach flu, fever, more flu, stomach flue ONLY ONCE PLEASE. And now we are heading into spring and just got an email from Emma's school saying there are a few cases of scarlet fever (oh dear!!!... and you say to me my people is lack of vitamins).

There have been days where I have chance to go errands by my own and seriously get to think if I want to go back home or take this gold chance to run away. I'm kidding! But believe me, this winter has been hard. Plus, I got this baby girl who barely sleep!!!. I used to say her sister didn't sleep, well, if you pair Emma with her little sister it cames out Emma is our sleep champion forever.

I've been sewing a lot. Yes. I don't have much time to blog or reading blogs. My smartphone was stolen from my pockets just before Christmas and I was without a decent smartphone for a couple of months. It wasn't really bad at all, it was like a therapy. But I didn't take pictures. I got a new smartphone just because the pictures.

Here you have a resume of some stuff I made in January for our "everyday use":

A pencil case for Emma. A couple of days later we had to buy a "real" pencil case as the one her mates own. Puagh. Sometimes I think "handmade-homemade" is overated. Snif. The pencil case we got at the shop had a ridiculous price and has 3 zippers and like 100 elastics folded for each pencil!!. God. 10 euros worth. The guy who stitched the whole thing is a slave. I made the one here below.

A new pinnie style for the shop. I have the good will of making also the tutorial. But it is only the good will for the moment. Sorry. You find it in the shop. Made to order. 

Some pouches for gifts.

Some baskets.

A doll for Sara's birthday. She doesn't care about it and Emma takes care of it instead ;)

A dress with "star powder" and a fairy cape for Emma's birthday.

I loved the dress. She does as well.

The cape is also a great idea, kids love it. I didn't think a cape could be this magic. The best if it gets a hood! You find it in the shop.

Fairy wings.

A tutu.

And some more little stuff like t-shirts, a couple of pants and so... it's breakfast time here.
Happy weekend!

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  1. This is great work! So sorry to hear about the flu/illness. Here in Amsterdam, the dark and damp days continue, the colds come and go and come again, so I can sympathize! I hope you are all healthy and rested soon. In the meantime, keep up the beautiful work! I love following your projects.

    1. Hi Patricia, thanks for your comment :)
      Right now we are all healthy, hope we'll stay like these at least this week hehe..


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