Elsa dress

After all this talking, I finally passed to the making and here you have the Elsa dress for big girls :)

It took a while to making it in a whole. I usually take a project and go deep into it. From the begining to the end in one ride. This dress was made with lots of hiccups in between.
For the definitive version I chose this viscosa jersey fabric. I was afraid about it because I don't love to sew woven viscose, jersey viscose would be 100% worse, I thought haha... the fabric guy proposed it to me and I took it as a challenge. It came out very well! I'm pleased.
It wasn't that hard as I was thinking.
I have to say this fabric behaves and I really loved to work with it.

Everything I make must fit my "style".
I don't consider myself someone stylish. Just everything has to find a place in my stuff and go well with my not so wide range of accessories.
This dress, by itself, has a very feminine and elegant flair. I envisioned it with high heel ankle boots and I think it would be great with a fur (fake or real, you decide).
Yesterday I saw this and I liked it for my dress. I'm not a fur person but I think it goes well.

via Zara

The real thing is I never will wear fur or heels ; )
But I was obsessed with these printed tights, I will wear them for sure.

The Elsa dress is available at my Etsy shop. Sizes from S to XL. Sizes out of chart can be made upon request. 4 colors available. This item is made to order. 
Look at here for further info. 

One thing I learned during the making was to sew hems with my serger!
Look at this video. It is gold : )
Enjoy weekend!

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