Fall... falling

Well, I'm back to my shop and sewing for you all since the last 6 weeks.
Things are kind of messy lately. Etsy made some changes. I was "on vacation" for too long.
If any of you has a successful recipe, could you tell me how to manage family+own business+homework+procastination free time?
Lately my lack of time is definetely a cronic issue, all what I do is own business+homework+escorting (instead of family time since I drive my crew of 2 little woman to preschool, daycare, playground, swimming, english classes, etc.)
Something in my procedures is missing or failing but I don't know what.
I do go to bed very late. I do wake up early.
I did said Sara will come back home at noon from daycare. I wanted her at daycare until 3 p.m. but it wasn't successful the first week, then she got sick, it took 2 weeks more to get her to love her daycare again... and I really missed the courage to insist to keep her there until 3 p.m. For working it would be great since I'd have 7 plenty hours to work freely but for this little bug and mommy it would be suicide since we spend almost all afternoons escorting the biggest girl in her after school activities. Little Sara wouldn't have time to nap in a cozy place instead of a stroller or car seat! She couldn't explore her own house!. She comes back home at noon and it reduces drastically my working time. My girls are not great napping hehe...
So, I feel we are going really slow. And sometimes I say to myself it is ok. But most of the times I get mad because I'd like to have time to do more things!

Most things are being done, anyway. I can't leave things undone :)

This is the librarian tunic dress. A new model in my catalogue.
It has become my obsession. I treasured this material for months. It is vintage cotton flannel, thick and soft as you cannot imagine. I must made a version in "vanille", someone in the whole universe will lend time to me, right?. I got to draft and cut the vanille version. I just need to sew it!

I have only 2 available in the shop of these in the material you see in the picture. You find it here.
As a "mistake" I made it in chambray as well, it came out a very nice. I have it available in all sizes (S, M, L, XL). Click here to know more about it.

Due to my lack of time this blog is being updated not so often.
But you can always follow me on instagram, etsy or pinterest. Maybe you already do :)

Have a nice weekend!

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