Pajama pants for Emma

These days I'm sewing some stuff we urgently need.
Changing season is always hard time for one who sews. You never know when it suddenly will become too chilly and you are not ready or the opposite, when you'll find yourself all sweaty and not ready as well!
Emma needs pajamas. Sara needs pants. Fall is just around the corner.
Both girls grow fast. Too fast!
I could go to any shop and grab  pajamas and pants but I don't. I want to make them.
When I go to a shop I spent more time looking at seams, finishings and materials in the garments than looking at them for picking something.
Then it ends I don't find anything appealing, I lost too much time looking on seams and finishings that I have to runaway because I'm late.

I do learn a lot from my garments observation. I love to go to the "haute couture" floor at La Rinascente (a very known departamental store in Milan, similar to Fifth Saks Avenue or so) just to touch and look into the clothing. I also visit a lot the "ready to wear" collections in the same store just to grab some tricks about seams and finishings.
At Zara and H&M it is just too poor. Materials, seams and finishings at these shops are worse and worse. I have some Zara garments old at least 15 years and I can say they are made very different than the ones you find these days.

I may say making these pajama pants don't save any money. They are costly. Similar pants at any other shop can be found for few euros. I only can say I made them for my child because I wanted absolutely to make these pants for her, because it turns on my anger to see poorly made clothing. Because sometimes I find sad and ridiculous to pay so few money for something that has LOTS OF WORK behind.

Here you have, Emma's pajama pants:

They are made from quilting cottons I had in my stash.
The ones with puppy and kitten faces fabric is "My world of smiles - Good friends tea" from Alexander Henry.
The gingham print pajamas are made from "Gingham Grass" by Cloud9 fabrics, the same fabric I use for this dress. This fabric is available at my Etsy shop.

Pattern is the super handy "O" pants pattern from the "Happy handmade vol. 2" book.
This book is a must. Nowdays you find english and french editions. When I got my copy only japanese was available. It was probably one of the firsts japanese sewing books I got.
I've made the "O" pants for Emma several times. I've tried different materials and pockets or not pockets. I like these pants cut for her because she's tall and she looks great with a nice wide leg pants. I notice she wears a lot her "O" pants because they are comfy and easy to wear for her.
For example, these pants, I made them from a pair of old daddy's jeans.
Also these floral pants are "O" pants, they are "brothers" of these orange pants.
I've made also cords from "O" pants pattern as these in beige and these ones in steel blue. 
And these tibetan pants are "O" pants too!
I must create an "O pants" collection on my Flickr account!

If you feel like making pajamas, here you have some links for inspiration:
-Yay for jammies!  by Anna Graham from Noodlehead (this is one of my favorites sewing blogs).
- Shirred voile pajama pants by Anna Graham from Noodlehead. This also a tutorial for woman pajama pants.
- The acrobat pants by Cintia from My poppet. These are the fastest-easiest pants ever.

Have fun : )

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  1. I think you're totally right about "fast-fashion": a waste of money for buying something you will throw away the very next season... especially children's clothes! And now that I know how much time and work there is behind a garment, it seems to me more and more unethical buying something that costs so little. I really do understand the economics and praticity to buy a "ready clothes" (especially in these times...), but now that I'm able to sew something by myself I tried to do the most DIY!

    You've inspired me with this post, we need pajamas too: I will sew them! :)


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