Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition 2014

So... here I am.
It happened one morning I was craving fabric.
I landed at Umbrella Prints Etsy shop. 
I grabbed 2 trimmings packs, just to calm my craves.
I realized later that those lovely trimmings were good for taking part of the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition 2014. 
I bet I was the very last one who got her packs. It was not intentional.
The packs arrived so fast. They came from Adelaide (Australia) to Milan (Italy) in such short time.
I decided I'd take part of the competition. A project was already in my head.
What I needed was time.
I'm like all of you: a 4 months old baby, a preschoolar, a husband, a job, a shop, a house to keep, a simple life to live.
Time is what I got.
Here it is.
I made a linen dress for Emma, my eldest. I wanted so badly to make something also for my youngest, Sara, but believe me, time wasn't generous so. I saved some precious trimmings for her anyway.
This linen dress is a sort of a remake of a dress I already made once when Emma was still a baby. I felt like I owed her this dress.
She is in a phase she loves dresses so.

My trimmings pack, "Floating World"

What I made

Yes, it is a floating world : )

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  1. buen trabajo! el vestido quedó perfecto, muy moderno y debe ser super cómodo! buenas vibras desde acá, ojalá que ganes!!

  2. Beautiful, simple and effective - excellent job.


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